Traceability: Why is it important to know the origins of your seafood?

In today’sIn today’s episode of the Future Food Cast Podcast, Jonathan Larrad, Founder of The Spanish Pig and Co-Founder of Tinmongor, will explore why traceability is important in the fish business and how much customers care about traceability. He also highlights the tactics they use to be absolutely open and honest with their consumers.

Knowing where your food originates may appear to be a straightforward notion. Unfortunately, seafood enthusiasts seldom knows how their fish ended up on their dinner plate.

The Spanish Pig is a Canadian online retailer selling authentic Spanish food – from the best jamón and chorizo to top-quality preserved seafood and pantry goods.

Tinmonger is based out of Canada a gourmet collection of canned fish and seafood from the World’s top producers provides an easy online shopping experience, and delivers straight to your door.

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