Trailblazer Leading the Way in Manufacturing Flavorings for Food and Beverage Industry

Stasha Johnston, Senior Vice President of Marketing at MONIN Americas speaks with us on how transparency and product availability are important in the food industry. She also covered numerous consumer engagement strategies and why customers matter in brand promotion. She also said that Monin has 200 distinct flavors in their portfolio and that they manufacture, ship, promote, and sell those flavors in the United States, Canada, and 45 other countries. Stasha shows how new products go through a thorough process of sourcing from all over the world and then running it through a variety of trending data as well as consumer insights through flavor requests. We also spoke about how they provide items straight to consumers online through their E-commerce website. She also explained how they work on the supply chain and product purchase through various promotions with all of the new items.

What began over a century ago in a modest French village has grown into a global reputation for quality. MONIN continues to develop and provide amazing flavors to kitchens, coffee shops, restaurants, and bars all around the world. Clearwater, Florida is home to the MONIN U.S. Headquarters and Flavor Innovation Center. Here, they invent creative recipes and beverage innovations, as well as handle all of our sales and operations throughout North America, South America, and the Caribbean.

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