Transforming Food Business Growth, Scaling, and Maintaining Operations

In this episode, we speak with William Madden, Co-Founder of Whole Brain Consulting, about how they assist emerging food companies with supply chain, operations management, food safety, quality, and regulatory compliance services. He gave a quick overview of Whole Brain Consulting and how they help food businesses in running smoothly and efficiently. We talked extensively about supply chain and sourcing challenges, as well as the future of the supply chain. William briefly discussed how they have been working on co-manufacturers and co-packers to support food businesses in development. He also went into detail regarding transportation challenges in the food business and how they aid in flawless logistics management. He spoke on trucking and ocean freight difficulties. We also discussed the food shortage in the grocery industry. He spoke about his views on contract negotiations and why they are vital.

Whole Brain Consulting, a Chicago-based consulting company specializing in outsourcing food industry operations, has offices in both Chicago and Boulder. Whole Brain Consulting uses the collective knowledge of more than twenty industry specialists to address issues for emerging food companies, from supply chain and operations management to food safety, quality, and regulatory compliance.

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