Transparency and Sustainability in the Food Sector

In today’s episode of the Future Food Cast Podcast, Jake Karls, Co-Founder and Rainmaker at Mid Day Squares, discusses why transparency and sustainability matter in the food industry, how Mid-Day Squares has achieved its compelling social strategy, and why a commitment to clean ingredients and consistent communication with the consumers is required.

Consumers want real connection with the food they buy. Brands that are gaining market share back up their marketing promises with food supply chain transparency. Consumers are paying closer attention to who is generating their food. Millennials, in particular, are looking for more thorough information on sustainable eating alternatives.

Virchew is based out of Vancouver anMid Day Squares, founded in 2018, is a chocolate manufacturer situated in Montreal, Quebec. The creator of the first FUNCTIONAL CHOCOLATE BAR. Mid-Day Squares is an idea of how a healthy afternoon craving killer should taste. It was created for those who are often on the go and wish to reduce their hunger and cravings in between meals. It’s totally composed of superfoods, and all of our ingredients are raw, vegan, gluten-free, and organic. Most importantly, it is made with real chocolate and tastes just like chocolate.

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