Transparency and Visibility in the Food Industry

In this episode, we have Mel Bank, as a guest speaker, owner of NOCO, based out of Toronto, Ontario which stands for no compromise in healthy food and delicious food made. She talks about trends in the food industry, the importance of transparency with customers,  and the challenges in the food supply chain.

To be competitive in the food industry, you must be transparent in your supply chain. The right technology may give F&B companies end-to-end transparency, giving supply chain insight to every layer in the supply chain.

Owner, Mel, started her own health journey a few years ago when she wanted to improve her mental and physical health and kick diet culture. As a food lover and cook, she didn’t want to compromise on eating her favorite comfort foods while navigating what affected her mental and physical health. She saw a gap in the market for really tasty versions of comfort food.

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