Trends in Food Service Industry and Shaping a New Campus Dining Experience

In this episode, we talk with Douglas Frazier, Executive Director of Dining Services at a university in Washington DC, about how the food service industry is evolving in the education sector and how they are offering the finest services to students. Douglas talked about his experience in food service and how he got into the university industry. He discusses his collaborative process with over 95 external partners, which enables students to use their declining dollars to go around, pick and choose where they want to go, so they can hang out with their friends and various locations across Washington DC restaurant tours on campus and in the surrounding campus area. He gave a quick overview of the residential dining plan, which comprises three dining halls spread around campus to ensure students have access to food late at night and early in the morning. He spoke briefly on the technological trend of developing the cashier list shop, which aids in tracking the products pupils demand from the store. He also mentioned how they had different food for students with food allergies. He discussed the issues in the food supply chain and how they have been resolved with food service management companies.

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