Unlocking Kiwifruit’s Sustainability Secrets: A Fruit for a Greener Future

As the world’s leading kiwifruit marketer, Zespri International(https://www.zespri.com/), renowned for its premium fruit and commitment to sustainability [sustainable kiwifruit, Zespri sustainability], is taking a pioneering role in shaping a brighter future. Through insightful discussions with Monica  Mireles Serrano, Head of Sustainability -Global Engagement and Markets from Zespri International, we’ll explore their comprehensive sustainability strategy focused on health, environmental responsibility, and community wellness. Discover groundbreaking projects to minimize emissions, develop carbon-neutral kiwifruit, and advocate for eco-friendly shipping practices. The Zespri Innovation Fund fosters a collaborative spirit, tackling industry challenges with innovative solutions. Witness Zespri’s dedication to promoting healthy habits among children and revolutionizing the kiwifruit industry toward a sustainable future. Join us for an engaging exploration of sustainable food production and Zespri’s leadership in the kiwifruit market!

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