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A Sustainable Approach for Restoring Soil Quality and Increasing Harvests

Hans Kristian Westrum, Founder and Chief Growth Officer of Soil Steam International AS,  talks about how they are restoring soil health and boosting harvests sustainably without using chemicals in...

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Making a Sustainable Future of Food Accessible to Consumers

In this episode, we spoke with Melinda Zoccoli, VP- Marketing & Supplier Services at UNFI Canada, Inc, about how they supply and service their customers through a variety of...

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How Smart Technology is Revolutionizing the Kitchen of the Future?

In this episode, Craig Turner, Chief Operating Officer of Agape Automation, discusses how the company is automating kitchens to help restaurant businesses expand. He also expressed his great belief...

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Sustainable Sourcing and Consumer Trends- Driving Innovation in Food Industry

Kimberly Schaub, Business Development Manager at Griffith Foods, discusses the importance of sustainable sourcing and consumer preferences in the food sector. She discussed her expertise in the snack and...

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Transforming Food Business Growth, Scaling, and Maintaining Operations

In this episode, we speak with William Madden, Co-Founder of Whole Brain Consulting, about how they assist emerging food companies with supply chain, operations management, food safety, quality, and...

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Leveraging Technology to Redefine Agriculture with Farm Management Software

In this episode, we speak with  Judah Cofer, Director of Sales, PNW at Agworld, where we discussed how their software solutions provider offers a data capture and management platform...

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Driving Development and Safety in the Food Industry with Analytical Lab Testing

In today’s episode, we spoke with Vanessa Snyder,¬† Business Development Director at Eurofins US, Food, Feed, and Supplement Testing, about how she provides customers with innovative, high-quality laboratory research...

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Advancements in Innovative Microbial Solution for Sustainable Agriculture

In today’s episode, we spoke with Toni Bucci, Chief Operating Officer of AgBiome, Inc., about how they help growers protect their crops and farm sustainability. She describes how today’s...

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Shaping the Future of Food by Creating Healthy and Delicious Beverages

Luan Blancher, Category Manager- Beverages at Givaudan, spoke with us about the various trends in tastes, taste nutritional, and functional solutions in the beverage category. She mentioned how Givaudan...

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Innovative Solution to Reduce Food Waste with Extended Shelf Life

In this episode, we speak with Aidan Mouat, CEO, and Co-Founder of Hazel Technologies, Inc., about how they are creating innovations to increase food’s shelf life and reduce waste...

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